• Eldon felt gawky--not a chick, not an adult--but he felt better when mom explained  that his gawky phase would only last a couple of months, whereas humans went from cute kids to gawky teens and the gawky phase lasted several years before they became elegant adults, and some never made the transition . . . 


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  • Philippe was beginning to have doubts; the real estate agent had promised a summer home of unusual beauty, with lots of history and a good climate; the property in question certainly fit the criteria. What troubled Philippe was that the Nigerian Internet real estate broker wanted a significant down payment--in cash--before he would let him get any closer for an inspection . . .

Through The Keyhole

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Wind Power

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Failed Paparazzi Photo Op

Peter, turning quickly to avoid the stinking paparazzi photographer–trying to get a photo of him in his Lawrence of Arabia costume for a TV miniseries–caused the photo to be a little blurry . . .

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Memory Lapse

After climbing for an hour and twelve minutes, Jason remembered that he had forgotten to bring the instructions for installing an LED light in a server; maybe he should have taken the health food  supplements his wife had been recommending . . .

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Chi Chi’s big sister told her that Mohawks are long on top, but short or shaved on the side; Chi Chi replied ” Just call me Fuzz Ball then, I’m not going under the clippers just to be a slave to fashion . . .

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