• Julie-Marie was once again reminded that on the humid Texas Gulf Coast there were more than a few bad hair days . . .

Bad Hair Day

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Tejas Beauty Contest

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  • When the police heard about the"disturbance," they were prepared for rioting.  Turns out it was just old retired folk learning Texas Line Dancing. Never mind  an occasional "Yippy Ki Yi Yaaaay . . .!"

Just Texas Line Dancing

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Wind Power

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  • Seeing the Bolivar lighthouse for the first time, Jimmy looked at the puny little light and wondered how did you call the EverReady bunny, and did they have lighthouse batteries.  He also wondered if bringing in a pink fuzzy rabbit would be introducing a non-native invasive species . . .


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  • Astronomers at the University of Texas thought they had discovered new asteroids in low earth orbit, but they turned out to be three point shots thrown from mid-court and beyond by James Hardin, of the Houston Rockets . . .

James Hardin Scores

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