sunsets & rainbows

Uncertain Weather

Bubba, who wasn’t born in Texas (but got here as quick as he could) could usually predict tomorrow’s weather by looking at the sunset.  Not always . . .

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Colorful Stories

As the political reporters crossed paths going home after the midterm elections, the colorful stories abounded . . .

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The president said the California wildfires were caused by California’s poor forestry practices and permitting medical marijuana to be grown on federal forest land. California said it was Washington’s failure to provide proper forest service funding.  In the mean time, Montana was living with smoky sunsets and sunrises because of the California wild fires.   Iowa and Rhode Island claimed they had no dog in this fight . . .

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Missed the Big One

As November came and the end of Hurricane season was in sight, coastal Texans all breathed a sigh of relief for another year . . .

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Sun Sandwich

Texans refer to this meteorological phenomenon as a “sun sandwich,”  as only Texans were big enough to eat one, and yes, it was hot . . .

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Name Confusion

When Hilda stepped out the back door and saw the Texas Gulf Coast sunset, she couldn’t decide whether to burst out singing “You light up my life” or “Come on baby, light my fire . . .”

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