Short Fat Guy

Try as he might–diet, exercise, the gym, paddle boarding–Dennis was still a short fat guy, and yes, he was a little prickly about it . . .

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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Mohammad Ali/Cassius Clay, in uttering the above phrase, proved once again that art (In this case martial art) imitates life . . .

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Cow Jazzercise

Melinda just wasn’t having any success in motivating the cow  Jazzercise class; she finally called them sluggish, fumbling oafs . . .

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Water Quality

The water just didn’t taste right–must be those hooligan kids of the tattooed biker guy peeing in the pool again . . .

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The “Pink Three” had tried out as cheerleaders for the Houston Texans, and the tryout routine was much harder and more gymnastic than they had ever dreamed.  They were hoping that the chiropractor would give them a three-for-the-price-of-two discount to work out the kinks . . .

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That Dog Won’t Hunt

When Gordy took his newly adopted rescue dog to PetSmart for a trim before rabbit season, the groomer was quick to offer an opinion: “That dog won’t hunt . . .”

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