• Sam had wanted to try out for wrestling, but his coach said with no arms there could be a problem, and with his height he'd be better at basketball.  "Sure, coach," he thought, "no arms is solved by basketball . . .?"


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  • The entire rookery was amazed.  The Johanson triplets, Sven, Ole, and Twyla Sue,  had successfully predicted not only the winner of three Astro's baseball games  in a row but also  the final score.  Mom was already getting calls from Las Vegas . . .

Three in a Row

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  • When  Jaime bought his camping equipment. the guys at the outdoor recreation store told Jaime, "Stay hydrated when you're camping or hiking."  He didn't think that was going to be a problem . . .

Stay Hydrated

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  • With the Montana Elk season starting that day, Kendrick, Lucy, and Brenda thought it prudent to get an early start in the dash for deep cover . . .

Early Start

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  • Yvette was thrilled--she made the first cut in the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.  Being the only roseate spoonbill, she had not only her natural elegance, but the minority thing going for her . . .

Cheerleader Tryouts

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  • Billie and Twyla Sue were convinced they had invented a new sport--Neck Wrestling--and hoped to get ESPN interested. The only drawback was it didn't work very well for  cardinals or sparrows . . .

Neck Wrestling

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