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  • The sisters, Hester Esther and Polly Esther, finally decided to right their parents' cruel "Name" jokes.  The reasoned if they had regular names, they may have been invited to the candidates debates, at least to be in the audience.  True, they weren't Democrats, but they weren't Republicans either. Sort of like Ted Cruz, Texas Independents . . .

Name Change

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  • When Stacy-Sue's ex-boyfriend was asked why she called herself the "Selfie Queen", he said it's because she can't spell narcissistic . . .


  • Graham had been awakened from a good nap only to find there had been no chicken nuggets, no sandwiches, no left over fishing bait,  or gold fish. or the grand prize, (though he'd never had one) no yappy ankle biter dog  that refused to come when their owners called or be quiet when told. . . Why wake up?


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  • Richard, who had never traveled before, didn't mind the thought of flying; he just wasn't sure about the pre-board security full body scan . . .

Full Body Scan

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  • Clinton had always believe the best way to succeed in mating season was to look sharp--bathed and well-groomed--but the razor burn from shaving was pretty daunting . . .

Look Sharp

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  • Bill was offered big money to do toothpaste commercials--he declined. The last gators he saw on TV were in the Swamp People shows, and those gators went from sparkly teeth to  suitcases, boots,  and purses . . .

No Thanks

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