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  • Clinton had always believe the best way to succeed in mating season was to look sharp--bathed and well-groomed--but the razor burn from shaving was pretty daunting . . .

Look Sharp

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  • Bill was offered big money to do toothpaste commercials--he declined. The last gators he saw on TV were in the Swamp People shows, and those gators went from sparkly teeth to  suitcases, boots,  and purses . . .

No Thanks

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  • Herman (not the German) thought he really had something to offer the New Green Deal--he WAS green, REALLY green . . .

New Green Deal

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  • Julio was hoping he would be classified as a DACA candidate if he was stopped in his Uber car.  After all, he had been imported as an egg and hatched in a Detroit pet store--Wait, maybe he was an anchor baby . . .?

DACA Candidate

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  • It was Maria's first time up from hibernation in the mud at the bottom of the pond since last fall, and she was ready for that first mani-pedi of the year.  She liked to think of it as one of the rites of spring . . .

Rites of Spring

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  • The boys were sticking their necks out to prove their that guys didn't need sunblock--that stuff was for girls. "When," they asked, "was the last time you heard of a turtle dying from melanoma . . .?"

Sticking Their Necks Out

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