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  • Gene just couldn't seem to get texting language down.  When his girl friend texted him a picture of her new spring plumage, he got it wrong again.  He thought LOL was "lots of love," not "laughing out loud . . ."


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  • April, a long time fan of "The Princess Bride,"  was studying art and wanted to paint the movie's last scene where Westley and Buttercup do their famous kiss.  Turns out that, while not getting the Old Masters' style exactly right, it was a fair abstract effort . . .

The Kiss

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  • AirBnB listed the Arizona stone house rental as an ideal place to practice nuclear war survival or perhaps a zombie apocalypse  hideout.  No cable or swimming pool was included . . . 

War Games

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  • When Gina lost her job, her friend Kiki suggested pole dancing.  Gina was puzzled; dance with a Polish man up here? Too crowded . . . and was it to be ballet? Ball room dancing? An Irish  jig? Clogging or tap dancing?  Would she have to take lessons first . . . ?

Pole Dancer

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  • Gary (pictured) had had a tough night; first he heard that wrestling was fake, then that Lady Gaga  was really a guy, that Oprah was retiring, and that Michael Jackson wasn't really dead but doing charity work in Haiti.  The final straw had been the news report that Mike Pence had run off with Madonna and been elected to  be prime minister of Israel.  It seemed as though he was living in a web of deceit . . . 

A Tough Night

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DNA Test

Albert was quite surprised–he had sent a DNA sample to Ancestry.com to find out who he was, and he was quite surprised to find he was 3% Cambodian, 11% Nigerian, and the rest Texican.  No Musk Ox or Moose . . .

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