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  • Karrie (pictured) was ecstatic; she'd gotten tickets for the Ellen show & wanted to look her best--really outstanding. The Lady GaGa white hair combined with pink tips seemed to be just the ticket--not exactly mainstream, but really cool. She was hoping for one of those million dollar checks or a free car, but she'd settle for the trip to Hawaii. If that didn't work out, maybe she could get a slot on American Idol doing her Willie Nelson imitation . . .

On Ellen

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  • Like diving from the cliffs in Acapulco, diving into the alligator-and-largemouth-bass filled pond, securing dinner, and getting out in one piece was not as easy as it looked. Anthony couldn't understand why the girls at the mall weren't impressed; this had to be tougher than football or tennis doubles . . .

Not As Easy As It Looks

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  • When Stacy-Sue's ex-boyfriend was asked why she called herself the "Selfie Queen", he said it's because she can't spell narcissistic . . .


  • At first, Gabe resented being called a mockingbird--he never mocked anyone--well, maybe politicians, the Kardashians, reality shows, and WWR, but everyone mocked them, didn't they . . .?


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  • Gene just couldn't seem to get texting language down.  When his girl friend texted him a picture of her new spring plumage, he got it wrong again.  He thought LOL was "lots of love," not "laughing out loud . . ."


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  • April, a long time fan of "The Princess Bride,"  was studying art and wanted to paint the movie's last scene where Westley and Buttercup do their famous kiss.  Turns out that, while not getting the Old Masters' style exactly right, it was a fair abstract effort . . .

The Kiss

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