• Hubert, a newby in his first time in state politics, heard he was being called "Green".  He didn't know if the stinking paparazzi thought he was just inexperienced or that he had bought into the "New Green Deal . . ."

Just Hanging On

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  • Listening to the 20+ presidential candidates argue or shoot down their opponents' claims, Lyle thought they all sounded about the same.  If the TV interviewers and radio programs didn't tell him who was speaking, he couldn't tell just by their twitter rants or  social media posts . . .

Who’s Who?

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Just Hanging On

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  • When both the CNN and the Fox News trucks rolled up at the same time, Eldon, who never discusses politics, knew it was time to leave . . .

Air Brakes

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  • The sisters, Hester Esther and Polly Esther, finally decided to right their parents' cruel "Name" jokes.  The reasoned if they had regular names, they may have been invited to the candidates debates, at least to be in the audience.  True, they weren't Democrats, but they weren't Republicans either. Sort of like Ted Cruz, Texas Independents . . .

Name Change

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  • At first, Gabe resented being called a mockingbird--he never mocked anyone--well, maybe politicians, the Kardashians, reality shows, and WWR, but everyone mocked them, didn't they . . .?


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