• As the party-line propaganda grew more divisive and the parties more strident, Lewis vowed to keep watching . . .


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  • As Bubba Jim drove into his driveway and saw the pond, he wished that the talk radio shows could be even half as quiet while still getting their message accross.

Talk Radio/Peace & Quiet

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  • Aloysius wanted to get into politics and thought he would run on the Reptiles Rights platform.  Sadly, his events and speeches didn't seem to be attracting that many supporters.  Who'd have thought  the PETA crowd wouldn't have gotten behind him at least a little . . .?

Political Platform

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  • As Beto O'Rourke finished his last day of skateboard fundraising for his presidential bid, he tweeted that he was leaving the crowded field and felt that his campaign was like the Tejas sunset that day, "goin' down . . ."

Goin’ Down

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  • As Justin learned, it wasn't a controlled salt grass prairie burn, but just two politicians arguing with typical strongly worded, diametrically opposed, party line rhetoric . . .

Just Politics

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  • Paul, wanting to try public office, formed an exploratory committee for his small town's upcoming election.  Sadly, the only elected officer on the upcoming ballot was dog catcher, and Paul could foresee problems with that . . .

Limited Opportunities

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