• Ranjit, whose day job was maintenance at the Capitol building in Washington, was asked if his hobby of handling cobras was dangerous. He said, "Not any more than being around politicians and lobbyists every day . . ."

Snake Charmer

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  • When Mrs. Bondurant, the civics teacher, asked each of the freshman students what part in government they would like to be, Henry quickly said, "Speaker of the House." He  had every hope that he'd be able to tame those pesky feathers on top of his head--after all, in politics, looking the part was as important as substance.

Speaker of the House

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  • Henry, reading 20th century history, stumbled onto Joseph McCarthy and his famous Red Baiter hunt for Communists in the 1950's.  He wondered what Joe would have thought of him . . .

Red Baiter

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  • While wearing her tiny "Mexican" party hat, Her Royal Fuzziness, The Princess Buttercup, saw on TV that one of the freshman senators claimed the world was ending in 12 years.  She wondered if that was human years or dog years . . .

Just Wondering

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  • After Bennie's speech announcing that he was running for president, the local paper ran an editorial saying that "his appeal to voters was not only corny but definitely twisted  . . . "

Twisted and Corny

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  • Herman (not the German) thought he really had something to offer the New Green Deal--he WAS green, REALLY green . . .

New Green Deal

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