Old Movies

C-3PO Revisited

When Lefty heard that Bollywood was going to make a new Indian version of Star Wars, he got on the next flight for Mumbai to try out for the part of C-3PO.  His high-pitched insect voice even sounded sort of like the lovable robot . . .

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War of the Worlds

Some evenings, as Esteban watched the Texas Gulf Coast sunset, he thought if they ever did a remake of War of The Worlds, here would be the place to do it. They wouldn’t need a lot of special effects, and he wanted to be the Tom Cruise character. . .

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No Place Like Home

Zenvo had been traveling and had seen some  beautiful places–and some strange places–but she was ready for home.  She didn’t have ruby slippers like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (although they were red)–whose heels when clicked together would  take you to Kansas–but then Houston had always been her destination . . .

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