Old Movies

Little People

All of Roberta’s friends from acting school told her being a “little person” had its advantages–what if they did a remake of The Wizard of Oz?  There would be a real need for Munchkins . . .

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The Thrill is Not Gone

Even though she had seen it 100 times, Kenzi still felt a thrill as Inigo Montoya and The Man In Black fought their epic duel in the “Princess Bride” . . .

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“You Dirty Rat!”

Myths had it that eagles could carry away lambs and calves, but they mostly ate rodents.  To add a little dignity, Congreve shouted the James Cagney line, “You dirty rat!” as he dove for the kill . . .

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Mars Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Rowena was auditioning for a part in a hybrid film,  Mars Attack of The Killer Tomatoes, but wasn’t sure it was worth it to have to listen to Slim Whitman sing “Indian Love Call” .

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Romulan Cloaking Device

Gerry, always a big Star Trek fan, saw some real benefits to the Romulan Cloaking technology, and as a proponent of developing local technology, decided to try to combine the systems.  It was a work in progress . . .

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Vampire Movies

It seems that “You are what you eat” could have an extension–“You are what you watch”–as well.  After watching just one vampire movie on TV, The Princess Buttercup (brown, top) couldn’t get the concept out of her mind . . .

N.B. No real animals were harmed or killed during the production of this AGR.

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