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  • The art school film department had caught a wave of nostalgia and wanted to create a remake of the Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon  movie from the early 60's, Muscle Beach Party.  A low budget necessitated some compromises . . .

Muscle Beach Party

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  • Enzo, after watching old James Cagney movies on cable TV, just couldn't resist screaming "You dirty rats!" as he dove from the sky to catch the tasty rodents . . .

“You Dirty Rats!”

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  • Con quickly found that the real chain gang wasn't as romantic as Paul Newman's Cool Hand Luke or Sam Cooke's Chain Gang song . . .

Chain Gang

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  • April, a long time fan of "The Princess Bride,"  was studying art and wanted to paint the movie's last scene where Westley and Buttercup do their famous kiss.  Turns out that, while not getting the Old Masters' style exactly right, it was a fair abstract effort . . .

The Kiss

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Visas? Visas? We Don’t Need no Stinking Visas . . .!

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  • Eric, having just watched his favorite movie, "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes," looked at the night sky and realized the weather guy had it wrong--this was not the "Blood or Wolf Moon", but the vanguard scouting mission for the coming Attack Of The Killer Oranges . . .

Attack of the Killer Oranges

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