Natural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey Rescue Shelter

When Conrad told his friends all he wanted at the emergency shelter was the promised hot shower and a dry cot,  they told him, “Don’t be gullible, there’s no birds allowed . . .”

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More Than Expected

Twyla Sue, known for being sharp and missing nothing, noticed that the rain from tropical storm Harvey had indeed been more than expected . . .

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Insurance Scam

Al’s mortgage banker was insisting on flood insurance; after all, he was in a “flood plain.”  Al was pretty sure it was just a bank scam to grab some cash . . .

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FEMA Reject

Tim, down on his luck, saw the flooding in Texas and submitted a FEMA claim, but it was denied: Flathead County, Montana was not considered  an “outlying county . . .”

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Pre-existing Conditions

After the recent floods, John tried to collect for damages from his flood insurance policy; they refused to pay, citing “wind driven rain” and pre-existing conditions.

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Drought/Flood Conundrum

David, thinking outside the box, tried to figure out how to ship Texas’ excess flood water to California.  Gov. Brown was receptive, but his constituency wanted to know if it was vegan; had it crossed borders legally; would it need Government help once it arrived, and did it qualify for ObamaCare?  The nuts & bolts part–how to physically get it there–seemed to be lost somehow.  The Libs worried a water pipeline might be used to move Texas oil to California.  And who would they name it after–George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Cher, Lady Gaga? Gov. Brown was open, but the Californians were firm–NO BUSH . . .!

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