• They just called themselves "The Quartet;"  they were considering an offer from Lady Gaga to open for her new North American Tour. The girls--Twyla, Penny, Blanca, and Jenelle--had two problems with the offer regardless of how profitable it was. First, they did Gregorian Chants to a Hip Hop beat and weren't sure how well that would go down with the Lady Gaga crowd; second, they felt like they had been in one spot so long, they had put down roots . . . 

The Quartet

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  • While bringing a lunch of tadpoles, Elizabeth (the mother) was tickled to hear Zoe (daughter) singing her own version of the old Cyndi Lauper song with her own twist, "Girls just want to have lunch . . ."


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  • The website for the South American dermatologist had promised Westley he would look just like Michael Jackson.  The results left him a little sad . . .


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  • Every Friday when the guys went to the Wings and Beer joint to check out the girls, one of Bruce's buddies had to play the old country song, "Your Cheatin' Heart."  But they would all sing over the music with "Your Cheetah Heart."  And yes, though Bruce was embarrassed, the girls were amused . . .

Your Cheatin’ Heart

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  • Randy had arrived at the rookery for his first (he hoped) breeding season a little early.  No one else was here yet; his adult plumage was iffy and his voice had not finished changing.  He hoped he wasn't going to have to sing those old Four Seasons/Frankie Valli falsetto songs to attract a mate . . .

Changing Voice

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  • Pokey was getting his new rock band,  Stickler and the Round Rocks, in shape and hoped for a European concert tour to kick things off.  Booking flight arrangements was proving challenging--something about seat belt issues . . .

Rock On

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