• The art school film department had caught a wave of nostalgia and wanted to create a remake of the Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon  movie from the early 60's, Muscle Beach Party.  A low budget necessitated some compromises . . .

Muscle Beach Party

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  • Herbert enjoyed the herd's weekly karaoke night but wished they could get past "The farmer in the dell, hi ho the dairy-oh, blah blah . . ."  First of all, they weren't dairy cows, and second, what's wrong with a little "Stairway to Heaven" or "Heartbreak Hotel" now and then . . .

Karaoke Night

  • When voice lessons didn't help Bennie's high pitched screech-owl voice, he thought, "Let's just call it a "falsetto" and get a job singing old rock and roll . . ."

Voice Lessons

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  • Nine year-old Torrie thought that was the cutest little guitar she had ever seen, and she was not deterred when Mom said it was a mandolin.   She wanted one anyway, even if it did have eight strings . . .

Cute Guitar

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  • No!" the doctor told Huey, "You are not opening for the Rolling Stones or anyone else until you have those tonsils out . . ."

Sore Throat

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  • Con quickly found that the real chain gang wasn't as romantic as Paul Newman's Cool Hand Luke or Sam Cooke's Chain Gang song . . .

Chain Gang

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