Campaign Weary

It had been a tough, grueling campaign season for the Muley family, and they were glad Tuesday was the end.  Dad was stumping for the red group, Mom for the blue, and Twyla Sue, the baby, for PETA. Needless to say, there were some scheduling as well as fund raising and contribution conflicts. Meanwhile, Twyla Sue heard disturbing reports that Chick Fil A wasn’t vegan . . .

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Just Over the Hill

When the Jones family (from Iowa) asked the Ranger where they might see bighorn sheep or mountain goats, he replied “Just over the hill.”  They figured “hill” must be a matter of context . . .

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Hard Rock Concert

When Daniel heard about the Glacier Park Hard Rock Concert he was intrigued by the acoustics potential.  He was concerned there could be  power availability problems for the amps and lights, though . . .

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The Rocks Are Leaking

The Jones family, from Kansas, wanted their three year old, Henry, to see the mountains in Glacier Park.  When Henry saw the glacial melt stream, he said, “Look Dad, the rocks are leaking!”  His mom, having just heard the news, thought “Just Like Washington DC . . .”

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Lefty didn’t think of himself as deformed, more like asymmetrical, and which way he leaned politically–right or left–he said depended on whether he was coming or going . . .

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Last Man Standing

Eustace swore he would be the last man standing at his bachelor party, and it was down to him and Gary.  And then he remembered, hey, they were bison, not men; had the bartender buffaloed them into drinking too much . . .?

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