Middle of Montana

When Lucie heard the Merle Haggard song Big City/Middle of Montana, she was thrilled and bought a ranch in the middle of Montana–sight unseen–from an online Realtor.  The reality was somewhat disappointing . . .

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Surf Montana

Herbie’s plan to create the “Surf Montana” franchise wasn’t working out very well.  He blamed it on Montana’s two season weather–Winter and July.

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Sheep and Goats

When William read in the Bible about separating the sheep from the goats, he wondered if that included mountain goats or just those pesky little trash eaters from outside the park . . .

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Rocky Mountain High

Bertie knew it was a bit of a stretch harvesting the “volunteer” marijuana plants that had grown from the seeds tourists dropped, but it was for “medical use” only . . .

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Wrong Kid Rock

Turns out they had booked the wrong Kid Rock; this one couldn’t do  a concert in Nebraska . . .

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Do(e), A Deer

Ginny’s brain had gotten stuck on the stupid  “Do, a deer” song from The Sound of Music and was hoping she could replace it with a little Stevie Ray Vaughan . . .

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