• The turtles--the real turtles--were suing the turtle doves for trademark infringement. Turtles, not some silly bird, had the name first and adding it to some flighty creature without a shell was demeaning . . .

Trademark Infringement

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New Reality Show

The 3  Wiggly brothers–one delayed dealing with a lawsuit by a wolf–were pitching a pig reality show. It had action,  was gritty, down and dirty.  How could anyone not like that . . .?

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Nowhere to Hide

As the snow got deeper, Rufus found it increasingly difficult to hide from his soon to be ex-wife’s lawyers, process servers, and the bill collectors . . .

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Pending Civil Rights Lawsuit

Quincy’s offer to guard the ponds at Disney World was rejected–they said he might scare the children–His lawyer said they would file a discrimination lawsuit . . .

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Texas Open Carry Law

While waiting for the Governor’s signature for the new Texas Open Carry Law, some thought the bill was a little vague not only on the open carry concept itself, but on what you could carry openly. Some of the less conservative groups thought that the gun show crowd might be pushing the envelope just a little . . .

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John Boy, an ultra conservative (and a bit of a gun collector) wanted a real hide-away home with his back protected and a good view for early warning of any trespassers.  He was pretty sure the only ones that would find him here were one of his soon-to-be ex-wife’s  process servers or Jehovah’s Witnesses . . .

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