• AirBnB listed the Arizona stone house rental as an ideal place to practice nuclear war survival or perhaps a zombie apocalypse  hideout.  No cable or swimming pool was included . . . 

War Games

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Changing Clothes

The old live oaks never changed color or lost their leaves, so they made fun of the Cypress girls who did. The Cypress girls replied that they they got to change clothes every year–twice–“Too bad, you one color losers . . . !”

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The president said the California wildfires were caused by California’s poor forestry practices and permitting medical marijuana to be grown on federal forest land. California said it was Washington’s failure to provide proper forest service funding.  In the mean time, Montana was living with smoky sunsets and sunrises because of the California wild fires.   Iowa and Rhode Island claimed they had no dog in this fight . . .

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With the election over, many of the candidates’ staffers found that they were unclear as what to do now . . .

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Tough Job

As the head forester, John had to select the trees to be harvested and which to let grow, always a heavy responsibility to have the power of life and death . . .

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Water Garden

Sadly, living in California had its downsides, like having to shut down the front yard water garden just so some farmers can irrigate their crops to feed Californians . . .

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