• As Benny and Gregg looked behind them and noticed the squirrels and rabbits eating the bread crumbs they had left as markers to get them back to the picnic, they began to have doubts about their logic . . .


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  • Michael had recently bought a ranch in south Texas and needed to build a fence . He used an Internet bidding service that not only provided pricing but photos of the contractor's work. One bidder from China looked quite promising . . .

New Fence

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Political Explosion

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  • Bennie's father had forbidden him to to play with the arc welder, telling him it was dangerous if not properly grounded.  Bennie found his dad may have been right . . .


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  • Jaqui, lead singer for the Cypress Minimalists,  was concerned about  slow ticket sales and  wondered if their approach was a little too minimalist . . .


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  • For the most part, Jim Bob had really enjoyed his trip to Eastern Europe, but he was feeling a little homesick; it was hard to find a good catfish and crawdad "seafood" house around here. You couldn't even get good chicken fried steak. He thought about catching some catfish himself and frying them up, but that glacier-fed lake looked a little too cold for the catfish he was familiar with . . .

No Catfish

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