• Vaughn was troubled: when you eat with your nose, and allergy season is in full swing, some mouthfuls are less appealing than others . . .


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  • The website for the South American dermatologist had promised Westley he would look just like Michael Jackson.  The results left him a little sad . . .


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  • Elizabeth hated the brushy landings at the rookery and now she had snagged something and pulled a muscle or popped some joint; would Tylenol do it?  Or did she need a chiropractor . . .?


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Multiple Personalities

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  • Aaron's mom, always concerned about health and wellness, told Aaron to brush his teeth often--their high sugar diet could cause cavities--and to eat more mosquitoes for protein.  Finding the right size toothbrush was hard . . .

Oral Hygiene

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  • The boys were sticking their necks out to prove their that guys didn't need sunblock--that stuff was for girls. "When," they asked, "was the last time you heard of a turtle dying from melanoma . . .?"

Sticking Their Necks Out

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