• Charlie's doctor had recommended a diet high in gluten-free natural minerals.  It was more difficult than he had imagined . . .


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  • Percy was beginning to think his dermatologist was right--he should have used sunblock earlier . . .


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  • When Billy's new girlfriend offered some personal grooming ideas, he said OK to regular tooth brushing and trimming his hooves, but his horns were like Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes, "Lay off of those blue suede  horns . . ."

Blue Suede Horns

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  • Vaughn was troubled: when you eat with your nose, and allergy season is in full swing, some mouthfuls are less appealing than others . . .


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  • The website for the South American dermatologist had promised Westley he would look just like Michael Jackson.  The results left him a little sad . . .


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  • Elizabeth hated the brushy landings at the rookery and now she had snagged something and pulled a muscle or popped some joint; would Tylenol do it?  Or did she need a chiropractor . . .?


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