Gone to Seed

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  • Marvin's mom was insistent: "You can't be taking your lunch money for hair products, it's unhealthy and makes you look like you don't comb before going to school . . ."

Grooming Issues

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  • No!" the doctor told Huey, "You are not opening for the Rolling Stones or anyone else until you have those tonsils out . . ."

Sore Throat

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  • The State Trooper said he didn't care if Candace was intoxicated from eating fermented berries--as she claimed--or from drinking single malt scotch whiskey. She wasn't flying that day . . .


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  • Charlie's doctor had recommended a diet high in gluten-free natural minerals.¬† It was more difficult than he had imagined . . .


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  • Percy was beginning to think his dermatologist¬†was right--he should have used sunblock earlier . . .


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