• Everyone wanted to look sharp on the first day of school (bugschool) and Sophie did her best.  The butterflies said, "Not bad for a fashionista spider, but where are your wings . . . ?"


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  • Marvin's mom was insistent: "You can't be taking your lunch money for hair products, it's unhealthy and makes you look like you don't comb before going to school . . ."

Grooming Issues

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  • Jimmy's wife didn't care if it was cheap--a real bargain--it was not the hair dryer she was looking for . . .

Hair Dryer

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  • Emily (pictured in green) had doubted the pushy sales girl's pitch: "You will look younger longer if you use this skin care product regularly." It was hard, though, to argue with results; clearly she had aged more slowly than her contemporaries . . .

Still Looking Good!

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  • When Stacy-Sue's ex-boyfriend was asked why she called herself the "Selfie Queen", he said it's because she can't spell narcissistic . . .


  • When Billy's new girlfriend offered some personal grooming ideas, he said OK to regular tooth brushing and trimming his hooves, but his horns were like Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes, "Lay off of those blue suede  horns . . ."

Blue Suede Horns

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