• Ricardo (pictured) had watched lots of cooking and food shows on The Food Network and was stunned that no one was doing a traveling bee pollen/nectar show. His ongoing theme would be only top shelf stuff--there are lots of flowers in the world; why settle for less than the best?

Top Shelf

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  • Everyone has heard of the legendary giant alligator(s) that live in the NY NY sewer system, so to maintain credibility, Mayor de Blasio hired Oscar from NOLA with a promise of (again, legendary) huge rats and the occasional Republican.  Yet here on New Year's Day, not only were there no rats--politicians or otherwise--there wasn't even a slice of legendary NY NY pizza . . .


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  • Kelli, not wanting company, asked for and got a table for one, with the provision she order a full meal, not just sushi.  The tuna rolls were good, but she wasn't sure what to do with the salad and bread  . . .

Table for One

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  • Robert (his friends called him Bobby Boy) was on a tear--McDonald's only offered the McRib a couple of times a year, and they've never offered a little guy size.  How was Robert supposed to carry away a sandwich that weighed twice what he did?  He decided to initiate an internet protest and write his congress individual (he was careful to avoid gender-bias . . .)


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  • Elizabeth (pictured) was growing concerned; her waist and weight were rapidly getting out of control. As a graduate dietitian from the University of Phoenix (on line), she knew binge-eating wasn't good for her weight, but the uncontrollable urge to eat her mate after reproducing was just something she couldn't seem to get a handle on . . .

Unexpected Weight Gain

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  • When Lynda saw the habanero peppers growing in a rare Texas Gulf Coast snow event, she wondered if this was a source of global warming . . .

Global Warming

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