• When famous cook Dorothy, who always said, "stay with the recipe, you'll never go wrong," thought about substituting red Habaneros for orange, she thought she heard the recipe police circling overhead in their black helicopter . . .

Recipe Police

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  • Charlie's doctor had recommended a diet high in gluten-free natural minerals.  It was more difficult than he had imagined . . .


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  • Being an Apex Predator was cool; it looked good on the resume-- but it also meant he had to eat only fish or meat.  He looked longingly at the watermelons and sweet corn with butter.  But cool has its price . . .

Apex Predator

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  • Scanning the menu, Bennie saw that, sadly, the McRib was not back yet, only voles, cotton rats and roadkill were on offer . . .


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  • When Handsome Samson, also known as Sam I Am, heard about the Romans, Greeks, and Jews reclining while dining, he thought it a good--no--a great idea.  Yup . . .

Relaxed Dining

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  • After Bennie's speech announcing that he was running for president, the local paper ran an editorial saying that "his appeal to voters was not only corny but definitely twisted  . . . "

Twisted and Corny

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