• After Bennie's speech announcing that he was running for president, the local paper ran an editorial saying that "his appeal to voters was not only corny but definitely twisted  . . . "

Twisted and Corny

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  • The local weatherman had thought it was sun spots or some other solar disturbance, but it was just Dorothy harvesting her habanero peppers.  The Ghost and Carolina Reapers would soon follow, possibly causing global warming . . .

Hot Stuff

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  • Lenny didn't mind being vegan (mostly), but those fast food commercials that bragged about bacon and cheese pulled at him.  As he got ready for his afternoon siesta, he thought, "To sleep, perchance to dream (of bacon and cheese . . .)

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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  • When his wife suggested they quit the Keto Diet and include chocolate, pizza and beer (the three essential food groups), Mikey's response was not ambiguous in any way . . .

Keto Diet Reaction

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  • For the most part, Jim Bob had really enjoyed his trip to Eastern Europe, but he was feeling a little homesick; it was hard to find a good catfish and crawdad "seafood" house around here. You couldn't even get good chicken fried steak. He thought about catching some catfish himself and frying them up, but that glacier-fed lake looked a little too cold for the catfish he was familiar with . . .

No Catfish

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  • Like many teens, Luigi and Bruce turned their backs on their mother's wise advice, but they soon found out she was right--Serrano peppers were not the same as crawdads or tadpoles . . .

Not Listening

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