• The park managers wanted to replace the water lilies with gold fish and wouldn't listen until the Lilies had a quorum . . .


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  • Gilbert's home delivery start-up seafood business was working well but was much easier with a high tide, and sadly, high tide and the dinner rush didn't always coincide . . .

Home Delivery Seafood

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  • David thought that fishing was a lot like politics. You had to catch a break to catch anything, work like crazy to get it to the boat, and not know what you got until you were done . . .


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Frog Legs

After the storm muddied the waters, fishing on the Gulf Coast had been tough, but the frog leg supply seemed to be holding up . . .

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“Yes,” thought David, “even the worst day fishing was better than the best day at work . . .”

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Mistaken Identity

After a reported spy satellite sighting of a UFO, the military dispatched armed jet fighters to check it out.  Turns out it was just young Josh throwing perfect cast net circles, catching mullet and shad for bait . . .

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