Exotic Animals

Black or White

Wednesday after the midterms, everyone seemed to see the issues as black or white . . . or wait, was that white and black . . . ?

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Campaign Weary

It had been a tough, grueling campaign season for the Muley family, and they were glad Tuesday was the end.  Dad was stumping for the red group, Mom for the blue, and Twyla Sue, the baby, for PETA. Needless to say, there were some scheduling as well as fund raising and contribution conflicts. Meanwhile, Twyla Sue heard disturbing reports that Chick Fil A wasn’t vegan . . .

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Size is Against Him

After Charlie saw the news clip about the Florida man using an alligator to get beer at a Quik Stop, he wondered if his gator would work–Nope! Too big to get through the door! Plus, the gator demanded his share of the beer . . .

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Licorice Lover

Herman (pictured, not the “German”) loved licorice, but it turned his tongue black on a regular basis. This occasioned no end of teasing from friends and family, and his girlfriend wouldn’t kiss him when he had black tongue; she suggested he switch to chocolate, pointing out that a) it didn’t discolor his tongue, and b) chocolate, along with beer and pizza, was one of the three essential food groups . . .

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Jay concluded that the girls were fickle–last spring when he was a baby, they fawned over him, raving about how cute he was.  Now that his one antler was smaller than the other, they didn’t want to  talk to him, much less date . . .

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Ear Job

Kammi had always wanted to be a Jackrabbit, but she didn’t have the ears.  When she heard that humans got “nose jobs” and other “jobs” to enhance certain body parts, she wondered if she should live the dream and get an “Ear Job . . .”

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