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  • Ranjit, whose day job was maintenance at the Capitol building in Washington, was asked if his hobby of handling cobras was dangerous. He said, "Not any more than being around politicians and lobbyists every day . . ."

Snake Charmer

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  • With the Montana Elk season starting that day, Kendrick, Lucy, and Brenda thought it prudent to get an early start in the dash for deep cover . . .

Early Start

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  • Mattie was having a hard time finding something to wear for her prom date.  Local shopping was a waste of time, and even with online shopping, it was hard to find something elegant in her size . . .


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  • Every Friday when the guys went to the Wings and Beer joint to check out the girls, one of Bruce's buddies had to play the old country song, "Your Cheatin' Heart."  But they would all sing over the music with "Your Cheetah Heart."  And yes, though Bruce was embarrassed, the girls were amused . . .

Your Cheatin’ Heart

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  • Lenny didn't mind being vegan (mostly), but those fast food commercials that bragged about bacon and cheese pulled at him.  As he got ready for his afternoon siesta, he thought, "To sleep, perchance to dream (of bacon and cheese . . .)

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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Visas? Visas? We Don’t Need no Stinking Visas . . .!

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