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  • Purrfect's friends at school teased her for carrying her tail high and forward, said she looked line a Siberian Husky.  The DNA test revealed she was, in fact, part Husky; she was the rare and elusive Hus-Kitty . . .


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Feeling Safe

The girls didn’t understand, why should they join PETA, they were in India for goodness sake . . .?

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Where’s the Beef?

Every time the neighbor kids rode by on their bikes and shouted “Where’s the beef,” Bruce got nervous . . .

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Rodeo Rider

Clarence (top, facing backward) was coming to the conclusion that perhaps his rodeo bronc riding career dream  may be unrealistic . . .

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Not Sinatra or Judy Collins

Purrrfect was tired of having to explain, no, she was not Frank Sinatra or Judy Collins in spite of those arresting blue eyes.  She couldn’t sing a lick; in fact, her yeowling sounded like a child being punished. Hers was not a career in music . . .

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The Cat

The dog had a name and got to come in and be with people.  The cat wasn’t called by any name, she was just the “cat.”  She didn’t get to come in either–some nonsense about “allergies.” Her lawyer suggested suing the dog for alienation of affection.

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