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  • Purrrrrfect, world renowned Asian cooking chef, was hosting a new Food Channel cooking show.  Her first episode was about getting familiar with your equipment . . .

Cooking Show

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  • Lionel had thought to attend the Iowa Caucuses, believing he had heard "Cowcusses" and thinking the food might be good (They do have to feed 'em, don't they?). He'd heard Iowa was famous for corn, but then he also heard they were famous for beef production. That could end badly. He also wondered why cows would get together to cuss . . .

Iowa Caucuses

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  • Daisy (right) and Dwight (left) thought themselves in love, but found snuggling or showing affection was fraught with peril . . .

Snuggling Caution

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  • Herbert enjoyed the herd's weekly karaoke night but wished they could get past "The farmer in the dell, hi ho the dairy-oh, blah blah . . ."  First of all, they weren't dairy cows, and second, what's wrong with a little "Stairway to Heaven" or "Heartbreak Hotel" now and then . . .

Karaoke Night

  • Sometimes a personality flaw just can't be overcome; in spite of careful personal grooming and an effort at the social graces, some individuals just can't hide what they really are . . .

The Truth Will Out

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  • After watching a few episodes of the made-for-TV "Viking" series, Purrrrrfect's wife wanted to braid his whiskers.  Purrrrrfect wasn't so sure . . .

Viking Look

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