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  • When Billy's new girlfriend offered some personal grooming ideas, he said OK to regular tooth brushing and trimming his hooves, but his horns were like Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes, "Lay off of those blue suede  horns . . ."

Blue Suede Horns

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  • Bennie, new to Texas and horses, assumed they were keyless when he hadn't been given a key, but wait, he hadn't gotten one of those fob things either.  "How," he wondered, "were you supposed to start the thing . . .?"


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  • Precious, not having read Newton's Third Law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction," was having a difficult time understanding why she couldn't push over the ladder to keep the dog out . . .                 

Newton’s Third Law

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  • Purrrrrfect, also known as Scat Cat, had been told by her fashion coordinator to tweeze those ear hairs, but Scat Cat said they were proof that she was part Lynx--or at least closely related to them . . .

Wild Cat

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  • As a kitten, even though she had exceptional night vision, Lola's mother said that if she went outside at night she could be eaten by owls.  Now, at 13 lbs, with owls less than half that, Lola wondered if she should turn the tables.  "What did owl taste like?" she wondered . . .

Eaten by Owls

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  • Unlike most cats, Precious didn't like ladders; she got to the third step and stood her ground. "Not gonna do 'er," was all she would say when encouraged to go higher . . .

Not Gonna Do ‘Er!

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