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  • As a kitten, even though she had exceptional night vision, Lola's mother said that if she went outside at night she could be eaten by owls.  Now, at 13 lbs, with owls less than half that, Lola wondered if she should turn the tables.  "What did owl taste like?" she wondered . . .

Eaten by Owls

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  • Unlike most cats, Precious didn't like ladders; she got to the third step and stood her ground. "Not gonna do 'er," was all she would say when encouraged to go higher . . .

Not Gonna Do ‘Er!

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  • True, Bradley didn't move very fast, but it was a free ride after all, and the tick and mosquito lunch was all you can eat--also  free . . .

Free Ride

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  • At first Janniel had thought the ballroom dancing lessons were a waste of time, but she had grown to like the dancing. If only she could get the instructor to know who should take the lead . . .

Dancing Lessons

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  • When Cynthia's friends told her that her expensive pyramid-marketing-scheme "Face Renewer" wasn't working, she said it was a work in progress.  And besides, as her mother said, "Pretty is as pretty does . . . '

Work in Progress

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  • Purrrrrrfect, also known as Scat Cat, heard that over 20 wannabe politicians had announced their intent to run for president next election in 2020.  The local party chairman told her she was too young, although she was 21 in cat years.  They did offer to back her for a run as dog catcher; she declined . . .

Purrrrrrfect’s Bid

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