• For years, the family had lived on the west side; that was where the best schools and universities were, but when Julio heard about the University of Phoenix (on line) he finally agreed to give in to his wife Cynthia and move to the east side. He hadn't realized just how far east she'd had in mind . . .

East Side

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  • Ming Jao hadn't got the response he hoped for at the annual Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston, Texas.  With 400,000 attendees and over 100,000 motorcycles, not one of the participants showed any interest in obtaining an import license for the Chinese model touted as the "Harley Davidson" look-a-like . . .

Cold Shoulder

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The Kill Command

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Wrong Turn

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  • For years, the trained guard/attack creatures had been sufficient for home security.  And then Reality Television came along . . .

Home Security

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  • Michael had recently bought a ranch in south Texas and needed to build a fence . He used an Internet bidding service that not only provided pricing but photos of the contractor's work. One bidder from China looked quite promising . . .

New Fence

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