The Kill Command

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Wrong Turn

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  • For years, the trained guard/attack creatures had been sufficient for home security.¬† And then Reality Television came along . . .

Home Security

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  • Michael had recently bought a ranch in south Texas and needed to build a fence . He used an Internet bidding service that not only provided pricing but photos of the contractor's work. One bidder from China looked quite promising¬†. . .

New Fence

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No Hurricane Coverage

The head caretaker for the Forbidden City was at first was concerned about the “no hurricane coverage” clause in the new insurance policy, but realized in time they didn’t get that many hurricanes in the Beijing area . . .

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Free Range

As PETA planned their new world headquarters in Beijing, they were dedicated not only to ethical treatment for animals, but for everything, including building materials. Sourcing free range sand, gravel, cement, structural steel and especially wood was proving difficult and very expensive . . .

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