A selection of Bugs

  • Charlie's doctor had recommended a diet high in gluten-free natural minerals.  It was more difficult than he had imagined . . .


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  • ICE had clear instructions from Washington DC:  No fire ants would be allowed into the US as asylum seekers.  "Try Cuba or Mexico," they were told . . .

No Asylum

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  • The doctor had warned Tara (pictured) that the prescription might make her feel a little itchy--even like something was crawling on her. "Don't worry," he told her, "it's just the medicine." But she couldn't shake the feeling that she really did have a bug crawling on her.

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

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  • Billy Ray should have read the fine print in the HOA guidelines before he bought his home.  He  never seemed to  have a month without at least one letter from the HOA citing some infraction  and a demand that it be immediately corrected, or he'd be fined . . .

HOA Blues

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  • Homer had thought that putting out his web in the cold (for the Texas Gulf Coast) winter  while all the other spiders stayed at home would mean no competition, and he was right.  Sadly, all of the bugs also stayed in--slim pickings . . .

Slim Pickings

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  • Angelina (pictured) had been upset that she had been born a simple worker bee until she got a good look at the alternatives. Males live a short life, reproduce and die, and the queen bears thousands of babies and never gets outside. Suddenly, buzzing around gathering pollen and nectar on a sunny afternoon didn't seem so bad; in fact she drove her hive mates a little crazy, always buzzing around saying, "No worries, mate!" or worse yet, singing that stupid "Don't worry, be happy!" song . . .

No Worries, Mate!

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