Doorbell Camera?

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  • When called "Just a cat," Precious reminded them of many famous cats: Meow-Ze-Dong (Chairman Meow to friends), Yasser Aracat, The Ayatollah Cat Many, and, of course, Meowmar  Cataffi to name just a few. Interestingly, she pointed out, Al Gore claims to have invented cats . . .

Famous Cats

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  • Jimmy's wife didn't care if it was cheap--a real bargain--it was not the hair dryer she was looking for . . .

Hair Dryer

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  • When Betty heard that George Clooney  was going to be  on Dancing With The Stars, she hired a dancing coach to make sure she had the right moves, but the coach seemed somewhat stiff, not really getting in the groove or feeling the music . . .

Dancing With the Stars

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  • Her Royal Fuzziness the Princess Buttercup was cool with the topknot and mustaches, but she was thinking the Mohawk might be a little over the top . . .


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  • Granville and Anton were surprised and unsure what to do.  The American and UK Kennel Clubs had filed suit saying that if prairie dogs--which are common rodents, after all-- claimed to be dogs, they were defaming the real  dogs.  Of course, the stinking paparazzi were all over this one . . .


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