• Her Royal Fuzziness the Princess Buttercup was cool with the topknot and mustaches, but she was thinking the Mohawk might be a little over the top . . .


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  • Granville and Anton were surprised and unsure what to do.  The American and UK Kennel Clubs had filed suit saying that if prairie dogs--which are common rodents, after all-- claimed to be dogs, they were defaming the real  dogs.  Of course, the stinking paparazzi were all over this one . . .


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  • Once again, the Line Police were circling Walmart and and Kroger's, using their  high tech infrared equipment to spot those sneaking 17 items in a 15 item line or those who didn't use the lanes marked out at the bank , , ,

Line Police

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  • The girls were worried--they'd sent Bob & Jimmy out for BBQ, and they'd been gone quite a while. They couldn't figure out where they went . . .

Long Time Gone

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  • Julio was hoping he would be classified as a DACA candidate if he was stopped in his Uber car.  After all, he had been imported as an egg and hatched in a Detroit pet store--Wait, maybe he was an anchor baby . . .?

DACA Candidate

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  • AirBnB listed the Arizona stone house rental as an ideal place to practice nuclear war survival or perhaps a zombie apocalypse  hideout.  No cable or swimming pool was included . . . 

War Games

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