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  • Howard was disappointed--he hadn't got one write-in vote on Super Tuesday. His wife told him he should¬† have spoken more about issues of substance rather than ducking issues he was uncomfortable with . . .

Ducking the Issues

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Virus Scare

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  • Once again, with their red MAGA hats, hopeful rally participants lined up early hoping to get in to see the president and hear his speech . . .

Waiting for Donald

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  • With only mullet and croakers in sight and no Pizza on the horizon, Howie was thinking that once again there was something fishy going on with the caterers . . .

Something’s Fishy

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  • Elton (pictured) had finally done it. Ever since he'd watched that program on BBC about the history of combat aircraft and heard that one of the best was known as "the Harrier," he was miffed; how dare they take his family name and use it without a license or permit? The attorney would be filing in Federal Court Thursday, and the British Embassy should be served by Friday . . .

Trademark Infringement

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  • Jim Bob (pictured) knew that he/they was one of the few, even in the deep south, that could show good cause why he/they should have two first names. With their unique outlook on life, he/they felt out of place no matter where he/they went. The big question came up at a family dinner when an aunt said he/they should say amen twice after grace was said. An uncle pointed out that they should be in politics, where it's vitally important to be¬†always able to watch your back . . .

Two Heads Are Better Than One

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