A selection of Various Birds

  • As the party-line propaganda grew more divisive and the parties more strident, Lewis vowed to keep watching . . .


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  • When Harvey met the alternative health practioner, he quickly learned what his health problem was--he was vegan-intolerant.  No soyburgers for him . . .

Vegan Intolerant

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  • Bill agreed he wouldn't tell his best friend Cork about Cork's wife using his American Express card, so when asked which way she went, Bill did his best to help without breaking his promise . . .

Wrong Way

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  • Being a hawk was tough enough, thought Donald; no McRibs, no Popeye's chicken sandwiches, just cotton rats, voles, mice, and the odd dove.  Being tag-teamed by the Caracaras, though, made not only catching a meal tough, but keeping it even harder . . .


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  • Gary (middle) was explaining to his brothers, Herbie and Clyde, that gravity always wins in the end, and yes, dropping sticks on the spoonbills below was a valid teaching tool, not just for fun . . .

Gravity Wins

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  • Paul, wanting to try public office, formed an exploratory committee for his small town's upcoming election.  Sadly, the only elected officer on the upcoming ballot was dog catcher, and Paul could foresee problems with that . . .

Limited Opportunities

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