A selection of Various Birds

  • The turtles--the real turtles--were suing the turtle doves for trademark infringement. Turtles, not some silly bird, had the name first and adding it to some flighty creature without a shell was demeaning . . .

Trademark Infringement

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  • With  possible storm-caused  flooding conditions, the Governor had declared mandatory evacuation, but he hadn't offered a good idea as to where 5,000,000 evacuated people should stay . . .

No Vacancy

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  • Percy was beginning to think his dermatologist was right--he should have used sunblock earlier . . .


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  • Susanna found her spoonbill perfect for catching tadpoles, minnows, and crayfish, but less than perfect for personal grooming . . .

Not Perfect

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  • Being an Apex Predator was cool; it looked good on the resume-- but it also meant he had to eat only fish or meat.  He looked longingly at the watermelons and sweet corn with butter.  But cool has its price . . .

Apex Predator

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  • When both the CNN and the Fox News trucks rolled up at the same time, Eldon, who never discusses politics, knew it was time to leave . . .

Air Brakes

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