Beach Scenes

  • Seeing the Bolivar lighthouse for the first time, Jimmy looked at the puny little light and wondered how did you call the EverReady bunny, and did they have lighthouse batteries.  He also wondered if bringing in a pink fuzzy rabbit would be introducing a non-native invasive species . . .


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Missed the Big One

As November came and the end of Hurricane season was in sight, coastal Texans all breathed a sigh of relief for another year . . .

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Flood Insurance

As the tropical depression turned into a tropical storm and perhaps later a hurricane, LaVerne (pictured) was trying to remember if she had paid her flood insurance premium. After the trouble she had collecting last year, she wasn’t sure she cared; it took a law suit filed in Judge Judy’s court to finally get the company to pay . . .

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True Grit

Though the seaside buffet was good, Horace contended that it really gave diners an understanding of “True Grit . . .”

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Leaning Towards Quitting

The storm had taken quite a toll, but now the calm gulf waters were back, the blue skies and the tourists. Joseph (not pictured) had rebuilt before, but was getting tired; leaning in fact towards quitting, collecting the insurance and moving to Nebraska . . .

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Wonder Dog Gone Wrong

Scientists, trying to create a dog that could trail bad guys in any direction,  agreed that the first prototype might need some further development . . .

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