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I'm David Mortenson. I've traveled widely in my business and frequently photo-documented various business projects. I have been fortunate in being able to photograph nature, culture, interesting architecture and the like while abroad in Europe and Asia and across the Americas. As you'll see in looking at Another Good Reason, nature is my favorite subject, be it flowers, bees, birds, spiders, snakes, or bears. I'm also fascinated by patterns, man-made or natural, and doors. You will see all of these subjects in these photo-cartoons, as well as interesting and beautiful architecture and landscapes. While beautiful is also interesting, some interesting things may not always be beautiful, while still being photo-worthy. The basic concept for Another Good Reason is a photograph--beautiful and/or interesting--with a short, 2 or 3 line story with quirky humor not unlike Gary Larsen's "The Far Side". Often the flower, bird, or other subject of the photo will have a funny story to tell or a problem to solve. The goal is to entertain without negatively targeting any ethnic group, religion, political party, or nationality. Public figures, however, are fair game. Lady GaGa, Al Gore, or anyone in the headlines has or will have a story about them. There's a wide variety of excellent photography equipment out there, but I've been a Nikon photographer for years because of their sharp, crisp lenses and "bulletproof" gear.

Hard Rock Cafe

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  • It was that time of the year in Montana--the bull elk were in love--for that matter, so were the cows--but everyone was waiting on the law firm to deliver the prenuptial agreements for signature. As usual, the lawyers were late, but this group had been through the heartbreak of acrimonious divorces before & didn't want to end up on TV with Judge Judy presiding, & in the end losing everything while the reality TV junkies hooted and laughed . . .

Prenuptial Blues

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  • Finding a place to ride a bicycle in The Netherlands wasn't hard, but try finding a parking place . . .

No Parking

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  • Carmen knew she had a properly colored beak, elegant plumage and needed a mate, but the boys at the dance were just being a little too pushy . . .


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Pointy is Better Than Round

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  • Graham had been awakened from a good nap only to find there had been no chicken nuggets, no sandwiches, no left over fishing bait,  or gold fish. or the grand prize, (though he'd never had one) no yappy ankle biter dog  that refused to come when their owners called or be quiet when told. . . Why wake up?


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